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Here are a few of our favorite things:

Meet the Band:
  • John
  • Mark
  • Frank
  • Ed
  • Tim
  • Name: Mark

    Plays: Drums.

    First show ever: 4th grade Christmas Concert. Solo snare drum while the choir sang "Little Drummer Boy."

    First job: Drum Tech for John Bonham.

    Song I would listen to if crashing in a plane: "Planet Queen" by T. Rex.

    Cats or dogs: Cats.

    Best concert: AC/DC.

    Last meal I would choose: My mother's lasagna.

    If you see me out and about, buy me: Vodka & tonic with lime (or a cheap beer if you're a tightwad).

    Favorite books: My crazy Robert Aickman collection.

    Favorite flicks: "Rear Window," "Metropolis," "This is Spinal Tap," "The Godfather," "Ghost World," "Airplane!" "Jacob's Ladder," "Donny Darko," "Dead Man," "Ghost Dog."

    Childhood hobbies: Music, art, models, rockets, baseball, mini-bikes, fire.

    Something you don't know about me: I can read upside-down and/or backwards.

    Favorite song lyric: "Rock and Roll's a loser's game" / Ian Hunter (Ballad Of Mott The Hoople).

    Greatest irrational fear: Catheterization.

    Sign in the Zodiac: Libra.

    Favorite junk food: Pizza.

    Words to live by: "If it ain't broke, BREAK IT."