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Alternative Press
June 2003
Cobra Verde
Easy Listening

Remember Urge Overkill? Cobra Verde do, and, thankfully, not the band's "Sister Havana" or Neil Diamond-covering years of fleeting fame and fortune, but the Touch and Go days before they became too ironic for their own smug selves. Cobra Verde's love for slammin' glam and trashy retro pop has never been more apparent than on Easy Listening, though the references are broader this time: "Throw It Away" is David Bowie if he'd been influenced by the New York Dolls and not the other way around; "Modified Frankenstein" could've been on Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies; and overall, Easy Listening has enough great riffs for Big Star and Cheap Trick to share, with leftovers to spare. -- Brian O'Neill

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